24 December 2012

this is a test

1. Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses (OGG, AAC)

2. Lights (OGG, MP3)

3. Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses (OGG only)

Dear people of the web (especially smartphone and tablet users), can you do me a favor? Can you see which of the above song uploads are playing on your device, and tell me what device you're using?

My New Year's resolution is to restart this blog, which I've neglected since 2008 and nearly removed from existence last year when Apple discontinued its .Mac file-hosting service, which put all the songs I had uploaded out of commission. I have just successfully transferred all the songs to another host, and so they're all playable again on non-iOS devices.

Now, since we are living in a post-PC era if some people are to be believed, I want this blog to be mobile-friendly unlike before. So rather than relying on Flash, I'm trying out HTML5 for my song uploads.

Please let me know by writing a comment below.

Thank you.