17 March 2006

i hope this doesn't become a habit

I'm posting a couple of songs again sans commentary. I'm flying tonight to read at a wedding on Sunday, and then on Monday for business. See you all when I recover from this torture. Have a great weekend.

when finally set free : copeland
click here or on the band image below to listen. 3m 55s

A near perfect ambient/alternative rock song. I don't like the effete Death Cab For Cutie-sounding vocals. Other than that, it's a great one. Brave, kick-ass, start-up-the-engine intro.

a single wish : this mortal coil
click here or on the album art below to listen. 2m 27s

A song from 1984. Speaking of weddings, with its title and the way it sounds, this song could be a good background music for a wedding toast. Except that the lyrics toward the end says "It will all end in tears." Ha!

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