30 June 2006

whatever happened to rock duets?

good morning baby : dan wilson and bic runga
click here or on the cool guy in glasses below to listen
someone new : eskobar and heather nova
click here or on the jean gray lookalike below to listen

I uploaded the first song for a specific person to hear, but I thought you might enjoy it here as well. This is a duet – more like a collaboration, really – between the vocalist of Semisonic who had the hit Closing Time in the mid-90s (gosh, that was a decade ago – a decade!) and the pretty New Zealander who made it big with her beautiful pop ballad Sway. Good Morning Baby comes from the soundtrack to the 1999 goofball high-school comedy American Pie. Listening to this sweet song got me thinking, How come there are very few rock duets happening these days? A lot of what's out there are, as I said, collaborations where a guest artist sings back-up in the chorus. There have been very few he-said-she-said duets (and probably even less same-gender combinations) lately, and I hate it that the first song that came to my mind when I had to think of one was the sappy Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough (by former Eagle Don Henley and Patty Smyth). Even Someone New – by Daniel Bellqvist, lead singer of the Swedish band Eskobar, and Heather Nova of London Rain fame – is four yeas old. Anyway, I really like this one, which is a break-up song with lyrics so humanly worded they could have come straight from the journal entry of either lover. The only thing I don't like here is the voice of Bellqvist, which I think is rather effeminate. If you know of any good rock duets, please let me know and I'll find the time to post it up here.

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