05 November 2006

holiday pics anyone?

I'm taking care of a backlog project here. Apart from the songs, below are links to picture galleries from my last two summer holidays. The first is from the Cyclades Islands in Greece where the significant other and I spent about a couple of weeks this July; the second is from Oaxaca, part of my three-week Mexico trip in July last year. Oaxaca isn't actually in good shape right now, and I sure hope they sort things out pronto.

Listen to the songs I'm posting while you, it is my hope, enjoy the pictures. The songs and the pictures don't exactly go together, but these are the bands I've been listening to lately, having just bought their latest Best Of compilations. The Tragically Hip and Gomez are underrated bands I like. TTH live up to the tragic in their name. These talented Canadians, who pre-date the recent wave of bands north of the US border such as The Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade and even The New Pornographers, should be bigger than they are. In fact, they've been around since 1983. Gomez, likewise, came before the Brit wave that we are still seeing. And even though they have a Mercury Prize to prove their worth, admittedly, I think they were never as exciting as the fresher lot are. They're finding new popularity, however, after Grey's Anatomy used one of their new songs, a boost they could certainly use.

So. Click on the titles to listen to the songs, which will pop up in a new window as usual, then click on the pictures to go to the galleries. They will open in this same page, but there's a link back if you want to return.

click on the title to listen
click on the picture to see greece

click on the title to listen
click on the picture to see oaxaca


  1. Of all the Hip songs to play, you picked my least favourite. Might I suggest 'Wheat Kings' or 'Don't Wake Daddy' instead...or my personal favourite, 'Locked In The Trunk Of A Car'. Nice pics too!

  2. Yeah, it is so totally unhip, isn't it? I was actually thinking of posting "Escape Is At Hand For The Travellin' Man" given the theme of the pictures. I don't know what possessed me to post "Scared" instead. Will make it up to you next time.