16 March 2008

heart on a stick, dipped in a vat of burnt sugar

or, a playlist : songs for the lovestruck and forlorn

Here's a playlist I've kept from one iPod to the next. I don't really have a name for it other than the generic Acoustic Ballads, but I've learned to live with it. Any other adjective would be inaccurate, any other noun contrived. Songs have come and gone on this list, but they all have one thing in common: they're stripped down songs about love, loss and yearning, and they're unabashedly sentimental. It doesn't necessarily mean they're gooey and clich├ęd. Most of them are not off-the-shelf expressions of abstract feelings, but experiences written as stories, as intentions, as streams of consciousness. 

As usual, you can listen to the songs two ways: Click on the image below to hear them all in one go, or on the song titles to hear each song individually.

  1. Somebody That I Used To Know : Elliott Smith
  2. No Fear Of Falling : I Am Kloot
  3. Saturday : Josh Rouse
  4. Naked As We Came : Iron & Wine
  5. To Be Alone With You : Sufjan Stevens
  6. I Wouldn't Miss It For The World : Johnathan Rice
  7. Poetry & Aeroplanes : Teitur
  8. Sleeping To Dream : Jason Mraz
  9. Only You : Joshua Radin
  10. Your Sweet Voice : The Reindeer Section
  11. Trouble : Ray LaMontagne
  12. My Winding Wheel : Ryan Adams
  13. Kathleen : Josh Ritter
  14. Dogs : Damien Rice
  15. Silent Sigh : Badly Drawn Boy
  16. Babylon : David Gray
  17. On Your Side : Pete Yorn


  1. Oh yay, you're back! I haven't been by since the new year began. Sorry, I'm the Cripple, Jenpat's daughter. I spent a fair bit of time trawling through the archives of your blog after mum lent me the compilation CDs you sent. Thanks for the education (although Ma will never forgive you for Beirut)!

  2. Nice Mix!