13 July 2005

one song : three artists

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i was browsing my itunes library the other day, looking to delete some duplicate songs (same artist, same version). until then i never realized how many different versions of this song i have, which is 10. cyndi lauper must have made more fortune just from licensing this song than all her other songs combined (who wants to dare cover girls just wanna have fun, anyway?). the covers project tracks 16 -- a far-from-comprehensive list. but whatever the actual number may be, it's still nothing to the 1,600 versions of the beatles' yesterday, according to guinness records -- and that's just up to the year 1985. wikipedia doubles the count to at least 3,000.

so here are three very different versions of time after time: cassandra wilson's oozes with soul; eva cassidy's with unreserved yearning; and tuck & patti's with vocal and technical confidence -- they make it sound so easy. is the original still the best? probably not, but i still like it very much, not least for sentimental reasons.

what memory does this song bring back to you?

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  1. Anonymous19.8.05

    How lovely! Thanks for the link and the listen. I might well go get myself some Eva Cassidy now.
    Nice site.