02 November 2005

everything and nothing

everything is everything : live acoustic : phoenix
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Sometimes just one line from a song is enough to move you to tears. In this dreary version of the pop-rock song by the English-singing French band Phoenix, it's when vocalist Thomas Mars mumbles "The things I do possess, sometimes they own me too" that does me in. It's not bourgeois guilt on my part; it's just a universal truth that's hardly acknowledged, and the downright dispiriting melody of the song puts that line in proper context. Frankly, there's not much cohesion in the rest of the lyrics. There are nuggets of existential thought on the self and on relationships, which seem to have been put together only because they belong to the same emotional shelf. But maybe that's the point. After all, in a state of depression, thoughts run through your head like a million images overlapping one another; each one is different, yet they all come around and lead to the same conclusion: everything is nothing. And that, folks, is my cheap shot at philosophy today. Oh, and thanks to one anonymous visitor who recommended the song to me.

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