16 December 2005

my last post for the year. maybe.

thank you : china crisis
click on mona below to listen

I’m blogging from the airport, waiting for my flight for a two-week break. I had planned a proper year-end post with my own list of the best songs of 2005 (everybody else does albums) but it looks like that will have to wait. The past couple of weeks have been quite hectic.

Looking back on the past year, this blog has been one of the highlights for me. I started it primarily as a very personal project – I just wanted to have a creative outlet. I write for a living and this is a good counterbalance to the kind of material I deal with every day. I enjoy sharing the songs I like, I enjoy writing about them (most of the time), and I’m overjoyed that nearly every visitor who sends feedback through comments or e-mails appreciates my posts. Hence, this song, by China Crisis. Best known for their 80s hits Wishful Thinking and African and White, China Crisis continued to produce songs through the 90s, albeit in obscurity. Thank You comes from their mid-90s album Warped by Success, which is an excellent adult-alternative effort that’s very different from their New Wave days. Enjoy the smooth vocals and soothing melody of the song, which is just the kind of sound we need for the holidays.

Have fun and enjoy the season, whatever it is you're celebrating. And have a great new year, too.


  1. Anonymous17.12.05

    Incredible blog...can't wait to see what lies ahead. Thanks for sharing your genius. Happy travels :)

  2. I really love your blog. Thank you! Keep up the good work..

    Happy holidays! :)

  3. Anonymous22.12.05

    Your blog has given me and my girlfriend so many hours of pleasure. I remember listening to cucurrucucu for hours because she sent me the link, and that was the first time I'd heard anything from your blog. So, "I wanna thank you". Did you get to check out Eliza Gilkyson? I might have mentioned her in an earlier comment on your blog. You might also enjoy Marcia Ball - she is more bluesy, and if you are in the mood, she is incredible. Her song "Louisiana, they're going to wash us away" seems very poignant in retrospect. I first heard her sing in in an open air concert in the summer and remembered it again when Katrina happened. In any case, have a wonderful new year, and I look forward to more great music from you.

  4. catsville2.1.06

    hello flatfoot. I'm wandering about the internet and suddenly I remembered your blog and wanted to hear something / read something by you/your recommendation. You told me about acquisition, which I'm really pleased to know about. It's great.

    And so here I am listening to Kate Bush, thanks to you.

    you are doing something good.

    HAPPY 2006.

  5. Thanks everyone! You've surely started my year on the right note!