04 January 2006

happy new year all, and wish us well.

pocketful of rainbows : elvis presley
click on the image below to listen

For the reason I'll say in a while, I'm starting the year with a comfort song. With a title that suggests of childlike cheer, complete with pre-recording banter between Elvis and his producer, this song is so blissfully infectious it makes you want to reach into your pocket and hope to find something candy-colored. You also gotta love the man's voice here, playfully alternating three or more vocal ranges, which is so unlike the crooning Elvis we know from his more popular ballads. It's a comfort song for me because (much like comfort food) it's something I know by heart and that lightens up my mood. R, my significant other, and I could wrap ourselves with the warmth of this song for what we have before us. No, scratch that. We choose to be as optimistic as this song because of what lies ahead. Of her, especially.

Just days before Christmas, R was diagnosed to have breast cancer, and was told that surgery was need within about a month, which today means some time in the next couple of weeks. We're being very positive about it. R is very strong emotionally, more so than I am, I must say. Naturally, she was devastated at first, but my love and admiration for her grow everyday as I see how she deals with it with unflinching spirit, never losing her humor and grace, never shedding a tear or breaking her voice even as we speak about what she will go through in the next few days, and the weeks that will follow. Lumpectomy, radiotherapy, possible chemotherapy are words we never thought she would have to deal with. But we have accepted the fact and we're together in all respects in getting through this. This is just another trial which we have the strength and faith to bear. Our pockets are filled with rainbows, and our hearts are full of love.


  1. Anonymous6.1.06

    Hi Flatfoot -- best wishes to you and R. I really hope you two come out of it well.
    Boinkity Boink (from TTYC)

  2. Anonymous6.1.06

    flatfoot & R - I sincerly wish you both the best of luck for what lies ahead. R, may you make a full and quick recovery. I admire your bravery in the face of adversity.

  3. wee_wee6.1.06

    Best wishes and all the rainbows in the world to you and R.
    {BIG HUGS}

  4. Anonymous6.1.06

    My mom had breast cancer and she kicked its ass. R will too. She sounds like a strong woman.

    Belly xoxo

  5. youre in my prayers.

  6. Billieboy6.1.06

    A bit rough Flattie, but it will all come out in the wash, as my mum used to say. Immediate action is usually he best tactic, this time next year you will almost have forgotten it. Very best wishes to you both.

  7. please give my regards to her and tell her that she's in my prayers.

  8. Anonymous8.1.06

    Flatfoot & R-
    We're sending tons of healing thoughts your way! Try to stay strong and full of hope. May our posts comfort you as much as your blog has comforted us.
    Love and Light