25 February 2006

coldplay and immy for a saturday night

white shadows : morgan page bootleg remix : coldplay
click on the image below to listen. 8m 24s

My first and probably last Coldplay post. The anti-Chris Martin campaign has infiltrated my brain. I think Mr. Paltrow has a really annoying face and can't shave to save his life. Besides that, I really have no strong feelings about the band. I liked the first album, listened to the second a few times, and couldn't get myself to pick up the third. It was only the completist in me that finally made me buy X&Y a couple of weeks ago. Blah, tired and tiresome. Which is why I'm excited to share this remix with all you wonderful people. Morgan Page is a brilliant young DJ from Los Angeles, and Cease & Desist is his latest work of bootleg remixes of big-name acts, from Coldplay and The Kills to David Bowie and Morcheeba. Morgan's claim to fame is the remix of the song Angel by Wax Poetic, featuring the vocals of Norah Jones. The band and the singer loved the mix and put in a good word for him with Atlantic Records. Morgan has since recorded legitimate mixes – he has a few EPs on sale on iTunes – but still does bootlegs, and with White Shadows, he makes Coldplay listenable again.

hide and seek : morgan page bootleg remix : imogen heap
click on the hiawatha headdress below to listen. 6m 04s

At 24, Morgan has only a good future ahead of him. His mixes ooze with confidence. Every song in Cease & Desist is so polished and fluid that it's impossible to tell it's not the work of an industry veteran. Where Morgan excels is in his unpredictable choice of materials. The Kills! Tegan and Sara! Sam Phillips! I like what he does with Hide And Seek, an electroacappella – yeah, I made that word up – by British artist Imogen Heap, because like all of Cease & Desist, it's innovative, fresh, and original, which is kind of an odd thing to say about a bootleg remix. And what does Morgan have to say about it? “Actually, looking for permission to remix other people’s music is usually the worst thing you can do,” he tells The Boston Herald. “I admit I was concerned about a legal backlash at first, but I got so much positive feedback about these mixes – which were basically just taking up a lot of space on my hard drive – I felt like I had to release them. Nowadays, remixes are more of a marketing crossover tool than anything else.” Damn right. Tracks from Cease & Desist are playing on a number of radio stations, including KCRW.

Obviously, the album isn't available for sale, and you can no longer download it from Morgan's website. (It was such a hit that the downloads exceeded his bandwidth.) But you can sign up on his website and he'll e-mail you the whole album. I think. I actually found out about it when Morgan e-mailed me a link to the downloads. (So apparently he had visited this site...which shows how much good taste this guy has.)

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