08 April 2006

rounding out the alphabet part 1

Out of sheer whim, I'm posting songs by artists starting with letters I don't already have in my list of songs you can listen to. I'm manic that way. Let's start with Q and U, and tomorrow I'll deliver V, X and Z.

burn the witch : queens of the stone age
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Not being a big fan of Queens of the Stone Age, I can't tell the difference between their pre- and post-Nick Olivieri sound. Lullabies to Paralyze, the album where Burn the Witch comes from and which marks the end of the relationship between vocalist Josh Homme and his long-time pal and bassist Olivieri, sounds every bit as good as any of the band's three albums prior. Despite their ever-changing line-up (Homme is the only original member left now) the Queens have maintained a consistent sound: hard rock you don't have to get stoned to enjoy. I don't take them seriously; I just love their pounding riffs, and this one's one of the best.

the white spirit : uman
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Yeah I had a New Age phase, mostly music from the Windham Hill record label. Although I've outgrown them I still enjoy listening to the albums of a couple of their artists, one of them being French siblings Didier and Danielle Jean, together known as Uman, supposedly from the native American word "umane" meaning "Earth forces." This is the song that attracted me to them, and the artwork in the album, done by a painter known as Zad, captures the feeling it evokes quite well. In fact Zad is the unofficial third member of the team, since Didier's idea is to combine music with visuals. In itself, though, Uman's music is transcendental. Not quite world, not quite ambient, not quite electronic. Just French, I guess?

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