04 April 2006

things you told me about : part 3

come with me tonight : bob schneider
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This is how All Music Guide describes Bob Schneider: "His music is redolent of singer/songwriters of the '70s from Neil Young to Paul Simon, with a slightly more modern musical sensibility reminiscent of Beck." I don't hear any of it, but if I may venture with my own off-the-wall comparison – the more I listen to this Austin-based artist, the more I think he sounds like Jack Johnson or Pat McGee after downing shots of tequila. You're not going to hear it in this song I'm posting, which is more along the lines of Vertical Horizon, but it's all over in songs like Round and Round, Captain Kirk, and Gold In The Sunset. Pleasant pop music that hardly makes an impact, sure, but at least you can hear some capability that he can make great music if he only tried harder. Listening to his albums I'm Good Now and Lonelyland, it seems to me like Schneider is more preoccupied with paying tribute to his influences, which are quite diverse, rather than crafting his own sound. Like McGee, he is...elastic. That said, there's no denying his talent, which could take him anywhere. His coffee-and-cigarettes voice is quite impressive; it can be dark and morose or light and humorous, and that gives him a range that allows him to tackle a wide spectrum of rock genres, and country to boot. He makes interesting, catchy rhythms, and his songwriting is witty. Take this from Gold In The Sunset: She got the gun/She got the gun again/Sipping on a pipe razor backed up and smoking Indochina/If you're thinking what I'm thinking, it's quite funny.

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