16 February 2005

fear and time : melissa ferrick

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listening time: 3m 45s

well i'm surprised. i checked my most played songs on itunes, which tend to change every other week, and i didn't expect what came out in the top 10, and certainly not the number one. i imagined it would be something by mark kozelek (as himself, or his incarnation as red house painters or sun kil moon). i guess that's because when i listen to him i jump to the next song just before the one currently playing ends, simply because i can't wait to listen to the next one. i still can't explain why i have melissa ferrick on top, though i'm glad it's "fear and time," one of her best songs. here are my 10 most played:

1. fear and time
2. hunting high and low : a-ha
3. fall at your feet : crowded house
4. lord kill the pain : red house painters
5. on your side : pete yorn
6. grey : ani difranco
7. august day song : bebel gilberto
8. carry me ohio : sun kil moon
9. pissing in the wind : badly drawn boy
10. inside : toad the wet sprocket

what's your favorite song of the week?


  1. Anonymous24.2.05

    fav song of the week: for the driver, ron sexsmith

  2. sgtquo611.2.06

    home : by mike buble

    it will be me : faith hill .