24 February 2005

over now : granian

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song length: 5m 12s

a very bitter breakup song (i was here when you wanted me to/you were here for your own good). this song comes from granian's live album, live sessions. i gave it five stars in my amazon rating, and i still think it's an amazing record. an independent artist from new jersey, granian is able to generate so much power from just his voice and guitar. lyrically, i feel his best is yet to come, but nonetheless as an acoustic enthusiast i give him and this album a lot of respect. the album that follows, on my own two feet, is his third studio effort that's a departure, some say evolution, from the bare-bones production of his earlier work. i tend to disagree. not to say it isn't good -- four stars, as darn live sessions set a high standard -- but it's produced with a big-label feel that drowns out granian's raw sound that makes him distinctive. i hope to one day see him live.

what's your favorite breakup song?

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  1. Over now is raw and honest, a very angry breakup song.