23 February 2005

uncle joe : red house painters

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song length: 5m 58s

this song has been haunting me for about a week now, and in my current state i'm tempted to say this is probably the ultimate song about solitude, with the saddest first line ever penned in rock music. in so few words mark kozelek captures moods from fleeting moments as we go through the motions, and makes them nearly tactile:
uncle joe
mark kozelek

where have all the people gone in my life?
i’m looking at the ceiling
with an awful feeling of loss
and loneliness
the after late night television pain
i’m running out of strength

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best listened to alone in your room in the middle of the night. what do you listen to when you feel most alone?


  1. Cliff25.2.05

    Found out about this site (and the AMAZING song) through the Kings of Convenience mailing list. Very nice site! I must have listened to Uncle Joe about 5 times in a row now.

    Some bands worth check out if you haven't heard of them:

    --Magnet (www.homeofmagnet.com)
    --Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band (www.ralphmyerz.net)
    --Ephemera (www.ephemera.no)

  2. thanks cliff. i've checked out your suggestions on itunes music store (which streams 30-second clips) and liked what i heard, especially ralph myerz's here is love and casino.

    the vocalist of ephemera sounds like she's from the same family of voices as feist whom as you know the kings have worked with. and that's a good thing!