03 June 2005

cannonball : damien rice

click here to listen to the album version
listening time: 5m 10s
click here to listen to the radio edit
listening time: 3m 26s

a song that's destined to be a classic, despite being overshadowed by the blower's daughter (famously used in the soundtrack to the film closer) and volcano. with cannonball, irish singer-songwriter damien rice creates a masterpiece out of simple words and chords: they've all been said and done before, but the emotion comes alive with his voice and the undulating guitar arrangement that perfectly captures the writer's hesitation and longing.

here are two versions of the song. i actually like the radio edit better; the pause or suspension between the first and second verses works for me. it's only literally a fraction of the song, but it's a charming effect. i enjoy tiny moments like this in a song. this version comes from the bonus disc and is the most accessible song from his album o, which is the work of a weathered storyteller, something you wouldn't have expected since o is a debut album.

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