22 June 2005

good thing : patty larkin

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a song that's almost too beautiful for words. i remembered to post it because of the weather. we've had nothing but rain over the last few days, and i'm loving it. i've always found the rain soothing. i first heard this song one quiet sunday morning in bed. i had just woken up, listening to this album. rain was looming, but i kept my window ajar. this song came on just as the rain started to fall, and i relished the feeling of drizzles softly, graciously, almost respectfully touching my face. everything seemed to be in slow motion during those four minutes.

Good Thing
by Patty Larkin
Well I've heard enough
And I've seen enough
And I know enough to know
I know a Good Thing when I see it
And it's a bad thing to let go

Well I've been around
I've been up and down
Until I bent out of control
With your world all in motion
Got to put a ball and a chain on your soul

All those angels running
Picking up the pieces
Putting back together hearts broke long ago
I know a Good Thing when I see it
And it's a bad thing to let go

There will always
Be lovers
With borders of their own
And you may charge across
In a golden chariot
But you will never be home

I had dreams like distant thunder
I had hope like a prayer unheard
Now this is nothing
Less than perfect
In a less than perfect world


  1. i wish i had the same feelings for rain. i don't like it as much as you do because most of the time, what comes with rain is gloom. after reading your post, i might change my mind. when we were kids, we loved the rain and all the fun it brought with it, didn't we? i think it's good if i take that attitude once more.

  2. so true. rain in childhood always meant frolicking with friends in the backyard, in the streets, or out in the fields. can't do that anymore...but i guess the association with happy times stuck with me.

  3. who said we "can't do that anymore"? hehehe. sorry, that was my inner child blogging.

  4. spankygurl31.12.08

    ur an angel, was watching random hearts and heard this song. i love it! i wish it was raining too though...anyways, it's a "good thing" i ran into your blog...thanks!