29 June 2005

no myth : acoustic : michael penn

click here to listen
listening time: 3m 44s

drowning in work. here's something from aimee's husband.

oh, wait. here's something i thought of the other day: how to piss off colleague x in a meeting. and make sure you show off your biceps while stressing your point:
man, you're glib. you don't even know what {topic} is. if you start talking about {topic}, you have to evaluate and read the research papers, x, okay? that's what i've done. you should be a bit more responsible in knowing what it is because you communicate to people.
yeah, i'm just trying to fill up this space. ttfn!


  1. Anonymous1.12.05

    I was looking for "No Myth" to let my friend listen to it. Michael Penn played at my work in October and I have been addicted since. The concert venue/radio station I work at plays a lot of music you seem to like. The radio station is wxpn in Philadelphia you might want to check it out- Thanks for the song

  2. Anonymous2.1.11

    I am trying to find this version of No Myth to download to my ipod. May I ask your advice? I cannot find it ANYWHERE (but here).


  3. Anonymous20.6.11

    Yes I would like to know where I can find it too!

  4. Hi Bridget, Melissa,

    I can send you the song file by e-mail. Let me know your e-mail address at alternativesounds at gmail dot com.


  5. Anonymous15.12.11

    I heard this yesterday - 12-14-2011 - on Sirius on the Coffee House channel and LOVED it. Thanks for posting it; great version.