05 August 2005

back from mexico

august day song : bebel gilberto
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been back for a couple of days but it's only now that i've (barely) regained the strength to get back to the normal course of things. i am still jetlagged -- the two-stopover flight home took 24 hours -- because i woke up at 1 a.m. and here i am at 5:13 in the morning. at least i have the weekend to catch up on sleep.

here's a bilingual song by the brazilian artist bebel gilberto that i find appropriate to post, given the circumstances. august has just begun, summer is halfway over, and rain will probably be happening more often now, which means sentimental days for the rain-loving me. i have just come from a wonderful holiday, and as holidays often do, it made me wish it would go on and on. i am still dreaming of distant places, which is what the song is about. the chorus and latter verses are in english, the rest is in portuguese. below are excerpts from the english translation, which you will find in its entirety on her website.
August Day Song
(Literal translation by B├ęco Dranoff)

Just like this rainstorm
This August day song
I dream of places far beyond

Hearing the rain fall
A drop here in my foot
I stay alone, so distracted

I am not gonna cry
When remembering
Your eternal glance

I like to sing
And do these things
With you just for a change

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  1. oops, sorry. got cross-eyed for a second there, hehe. so how was your trip? anyway, paris was jaw-dropping! it's everything they say it is. stayed in a backpacker place after my event and im psyched to backpack. soon, soon! hey i wanna hear your climbing stories...