28 August 2005

this is a test

hi all. i'm trying a new format. is this better than opening the music file in a pop-up window?

this, by the way, is definitive beat, by mirwais. kicks ass, doesn't it?


  1. Anonymous29.8.05

    no pop ups! this is much better. even though the song is a bit lame IMHO.

    how do you upload music? do you have a paid account somewhere?

    yesterday i tried to upload a song to ripway.com but it turned out that with 2 ppl listening to it (me, twice) i already exceeded my daily download limitations and the buttons for my website stopped displaying because of that.

    what i don't like is that the moment you click on "say something already" you are transferred to another site and the music stops, too. would be cool if the comment window loads in the same page (as it is on my blog - that's why i picked Reblogger).

    greetings from eti, the HTML genius from Thorntree...

    my blog at http://eti-et.blogspot.com

  2. thanks eti!

    yeah, i have a paid account. apple's dotmac service hosts my music files.

    and you're right, it sucks that the music has to stop when someone decides to leave a comment. thanks for the reblogger tip, i'll see what i can do with it. now if i can just buy myself some patience to fix my template...

  3. i don't mind whether the music player pops up in a new window or it is embedded in the page.

    as a matter of design, though, i suggest retaining the linked popups. a page with several players would not look too good.

    perhaps you could make the listen links fancier.

  4. Anonymous17.10.05

    I prefer the popups because 1) they keep playing regardless of where one navigates on your site, 2) It looks sleeker, 3) I can add the URL of the popups directly to my favourites and listen to them when I am too lazy to surf through your blog to get to them :)