15 March 2005

graceland : the bible

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song length: 3m 25s

this song was playing in my head on the day i was at the taj mahal grounds in agra, india the other weekend. rightfully so, as it pays tribute to the beautiful structure that was built as a tomb for mumtaz mahal, the wife of mughal emperor shah jahan. i will rhapsodize about the taj mahal in my next post; in the meantime, enjoy the song, which also happens to be one of my favorite lesser-known tracks from the 80s. searching for the lyrics on the net, i was surprised to find that the man who headlined the bible and wrote this song, boo hewerdine, is still in circulation. i sampled his recent tracks, and let's just say let's stick to his old stuff.


would i give you money?
i don't know
the free-est things in life are best
and so put me to the test now
and when i die
will you build the taj mahal?
wear black every day of your life?
i doubt it
you will never see graceland
all my wanting, all my waiting
all my working, all my wickedness
for all my yearning, inside i'm shutting down
you will never see graceland
so what am i doing
without you?
love at second sight would see me through
but not this time
you will never see graceland
what has happened to your favorite 80s band?

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