18 March 2005

panic : pete yorn

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listening time: 2m 39s

pete yorn makes for good listening if you're looking for the sensitive-singer-songwriter type of music in the john mayer mold, but he falls flat in this cover of a smiths classic. his guitar work makes it decent, but the vocals are limp. it lacks the urgency that the title itself suggests, and that takes away the spirit of the song. hearing it on my way from work this evening, it got me thinking: why is it so hard to find a good smiths cover?

let me know if you hear one that does justice to the original.

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  1. Anonymous21.10.07

    speaking of covers and pete yorn...

    I saw Pete's original guitarist in San Fran last night...WAZ. He opened for Frank Black from the Pixies. He was incredible. I looked him up today and saw that he covered U2's I will follow. He also filmed a video of this cover in Dublin where U2 originally recorded the song. why hasn't this guy been signed...it's crazy.