12 March 2005

sleeping with the lights on : teitur

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song length: 3m 40s

when was the last time you heard a song for the first time and thanked god you found it? i felt that way when i heard this song by teitur, a danish musician who writes simple, melodic ballads and sings them in a voice that's vulnerable and honest. "we got broken wings and we were bound to fall," he sings in this bittersweet love song about a relationship that refuses to move forward. "until the sun comes up, you can hold my hand." as a stripped-down acoustic number it sounds raw and amateurish, but it's also polished and self-assured in the way teitur expresses himself. when he sings "i still sleep with the lights on" in the chorus, you believe him and imagine what it feels like to be in that kind of a relationship. it's disquietingly tender.

tell me about your latest discovery.

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  1. Anonymous15.3.05

    "Disquietingly tender" describes it beautifully. I discovered you on thorn tree & have been drawn in ever since.