02 March 2005

a night in lenasia : deepak ram

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song length: 4m 10s

i'm flying to delhi in 10 hours and 27 minutes (on business, unfortunately) so i thought i'd post a song that traces its roots from india. a night in lenasia, which comes from the putumayo album asian groove, got me hooked the first time i heard it. flautist deepak ram is at the top of his game with this song. the lilting melody conjures up images of a dreamlike, pretend place, which i thought lenasia was until i googled it. it turns out lenasia is a suburb of johannesburg in south africa that immigrant indians have called home since the late 19th century, a fact that became official when the apartheid established residential segregation according to race in 1950. for an overview of the indian townships in south africa, check this out.

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