18 April 2005

misread : kings of convenience

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listening time: 3m 08s

they're launch.com's one to watch, and i'm nonplussed. i've been hooked on kings of convenience since their first single toxic girl started appearing in indie album compilations about four years ago. they're a rare breed in an artform that's populated with fluff, and i wanted them to remain unknown. i wanted them to remain mine, but i guess that's wishing too far. now that the norwegian duo of erlend oye and eirik glambek boe have been noticed, i only wish they don't fall into ringtone hell.

this song is the first single from their second album, riot on an empty street, which builds on the brilliance of their debut, quiet is the new loud. their music is all vocal harmony and guitars, and this minimalism has led to comparisons with folk legends simon & garfunkel. of course, that's just the easy route the music press has taken to break them into the market. there's really no better way to describe them than a breath of fresh air.

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