12 April 2005

why do i care about this?

if you've logged off from a session with yahoo in the last few days you've probably seen it. for a split second i thought wow, eminem's looking sharp. but something wasn't quite right and i had to rub my eyes to see if i read the name right. it's rob thomas, vocalist of matchbox twenty, sans the shaggy hair. and look at the sculpted arching brow and the white pearl earring!

i watched the video of the single lonely no more, from his first solo album something to be, and the similarity ends. but what's this -- rob shimmying in skin-tight pants? don't get me wrong, i like rob thomas. i liked him from his band's debut to his collaboration with santana in smooth. but lately he's becoming a bit of a pussy. lonely no more, catchy as it is, is devoid of the introspection of every song in yourself or someone like you and even mad season. oh well. so what if he wants to attract a larger audience (and with his makeover that probably means preteen girls). nothing wrong with that. and if my nieces ask me how old i am, i can just say, i'm younger than rob thomas and eminem!

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