21 April 2005

two songs : sondre lerche and blur

all luck ran out : sondre lerche
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listening time: 3m 51s
coffee & tv : blur
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listening time: 5m 19s

i've had these songs in my ipod for ages but i never really noticed the similarity until today, when my ipod, which is always in shuffle mode, played one after the other in the order above. i'd always thought there was something familiar about all luck ran out by sondre lerche (who incidentally is from bergen, norway like the kings of convenience below). i just never paused to think hard enough to tell what it is exactly. well now i know, and it's funny it took me so long because i love coffee & tv, especially the video. you remember this, dont you?

well you should, and if you haven't seen it yet, then leave this blog and google it now. it's one of my all-time favorite videos. but i digress.

i think sondre lerche was barely 20 when i bought his debut cd, faces down, and i thought good god, what would this guy be capable of when he's 30? and i mean that in a good way -- just think about all the crap that male poseurs of his age are excereting these days. sondre's voice is so engaging yet he uses it so effortlessly. his songs start off easy on the ear and end on rather disturbing notes. all luck ran out isn't a good example of that because it's pretty linear, but it nonetheless has an addictive rhythm to it.

which he may nor may not have borrowed from blur's coffee & tv. the pace, the rhythm...i think sondre only played it a couple of keys higher. you can almost interchange the guitars on both songs and still come up with nearly the same output. i googled and found two other people who thought the same, though i can't be sure, because one wrote in italian, the other in norwegian. are we tone deaf?

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