07 October 2005

in other news

Morrissey has a new album, to be called Ringleader Of The Tormentors, that he hopes to complete by November 1st for an early 2006 release. Although I'm not quite happy with the title -- I can't help but think of the parallelism with King of Pain -- I'm very much looking forward to it and hoping it's an improvement from last year's You Are The Quarry, which is already quite good. Still, I think Morrissey has hit his peak with 1994's Vauxhall and I. More details about Tormentor at NME.

To benefit victims of hurricanes Rita and Katrina, Mark Kozelek is auctioning off two of his guitars on eBay until October 15th. Pics below, bids here. And this isn't quite news, but since we're on the subject, he's also releasing a new album, via Sun Kil Moon, of Modest Mouse covers. Knowing how inventive Kozelek is with his reinterpretations -- just listen to his version of I Am A Rock by Simon & Garfunkel -- and how clever Modest Mouse are, Tiny Cities should be a blast. It will be in stores on November 1st, and I can't wait!

You too can now finger Kozelek's guitars!

Rock Star Quote of the Day: "I love him, I really do. How much? Well, you know Leningrad in Russia? I think they should name it Lennongrad in honour of him." Coldplay frontman Chris Martin to Q Magazine (November 2005), on why he loves John Lennon.

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