09 October 2005

song for a cloudless autumn

ramble on : train
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Leaves are falling all around; it's time I was on my way. Here's a beautiful autumn song, especially for those with ichy feet or are out on a mission to find someone to stay warm with during the winter. Call me a heretic, but I think this is one rare case where the Led Zeppelin cover is better than the original. I guess it's just that the Train version is so fresh, while the original is so dated. Well, duh, obviously, they're 30 years apart! Sorry, let me try again: Train's is fresher, cleaner, sung with such fervid vocals that Pat Monahan makes it sound almost like an earnest ballad. The original sounds so dark and devilish, which is fine if you want to give importance to the song's reference to Lord of the Rings. But everyone has his own Gollum and Mordor -- those parts of ourselves that we want to change and leave behind, and I think Pat Monahan conveys that quite convincingly.

Do you have a favorite autumn song?

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  1. i just happened upon your site, love it, what more can i say. and the beats go on, i know i'll be checking back.