07 October 2005

a playlist : make-out songs by women

inside and out : leslie feist
click on the image below to listen

So much going on in the world today, and all I could think about while I was reading the papers this morning was: Why are so many make-out playlists filled with songs by men? Google it any way you want -- "songs to get laid by," "songs to make love to," "sex music" -- and chances are the lists would be at least three-quarters testosterone, from R&B classics like Let's Get It On (Marvin Gaye) and Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (Barry White), to rock standards like You Do Something To Me (Paul Weller) and In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel), to rather dubious ones like Under the Milky Way (The Church -- yeah, if you're Donnie Darko) and Lay Lady Lay (Bob Dylan -- if you're Dylan). Even this he-said-she-said list from Stylus Magazine is 80 percent male. Ever wondered why that is?

So I'm making a playlist of songs by female artists that make me want to get freaky, starting with Inside And Out by Leslie Feist. The Canadian singer-songwriter did for this song what the testicularly challenged Bee Gees, who originally recorded it in 1979, could not. In fact, despite the detumescent effect of its title, Feist's debut album Let It Die is a thrilling sensual potion -- dark enough to hint at the unexpected, but unfailingly gorgeous with her fuck-me come-hither vocals. The rest of the songs below are sexy in their own way, and I made a bit of an effort to make sure they come from different genres. I wish I could have included something a little off-beat like Bjork or Cibo Matto, but I guess I'm a little too conventional about this:
  • The Look Of Love : Dusty Springfield
  • I Want You : Madonna
  • Stormy Blues : Billie Holiday
  • These Are The Things About You : Ivy
  • No Ordinary Love : Sade
  • Holiday : Club 8
  • Samba De Bencao : Bebel Gilberto
  • You're Makin' Me High : Toni Braxton
  • I Don't Want To Know : Muki
  • Sway : Bic Runga
So what are your sexiest female songs?


  1. Great site!!! i love your songs!!!
    and the Reik song... it actually grows into you. at first i hated it... then i liked it, but living in mexico and reik is too much, now i hate it again... you can still hear it every time you turn the radio on...

  2. just blog hopping.cool songs :)

  3. There's this song that I really find sexy. It's called Je T'aime Moi Non Plus by Jane Birkin (featuring Serge Gainsbourg). I first heard it at Amoeba (my playground) while browsing through an acre of CDs and DVDs (my friends call it my playground). I went to the counter to ask what song it was and they told me the title, and where I could get it. I can send it to you via email, if you want. :D

  4. Anonymous17.10.05

    You might want to check out Kate Bush's "Sensual World", in the context of this post