11 September 2005

easy sunday listening

a waltz for a night : julie delpy
click on the image below to listen

in case the artist and the tiny picture on the left hasn't already made it obvious, this song comes from the movie before sunset, which makes for a good sunday viewing. it's a beautifully done sequel that satisfies fans of the first movie, before sunrise, and if i may say so, it's also one of the most delicately rendered love stories made on film. but i guess i can say this because it's my generation, and because i prefer subtlety over drama. there are no big moments in both films, and in before sunset, the characters don't even kiss. yet the film exudes so much artistry and eroticism, and this song, which julie delpy's character sings toward the end, is a very fitting climax.

oh and i just have to post this picture below -- a scene from the opening of the film, at a bookstore in paris -- because i've been there! the bookstore is called shakespeare & co., and it sits just by the river seine, on the left bank. you can see the notre dame cathedral from outside. it's probably the mustiest bookstore you'll ever find.

anyway. the listen link above is for the version that made its way to the soundtrack. you can listen to the audio capture from the film -- just julie and her guitar -- here. i remembered to post this song after watching school of rock on hbo last night -- it was by the same director, richard linklater. pretty cool, huh? apparently he's doing a fim called fast food nation, based on the book, which is an excellent piece of work. should be interesting.

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  1. Thanks for posting this ....

    I don't know how many times I have come back to this song .......

    I will also add that Julie Delpy has written and directed a new film 2 Days in Paris