26 September 2005

oh yes indeed they do

weeks go by like days : my morning jacket
click on the image below to listen

I'm posting this song in recognition of the fact -- the title says it all. We're approaching the final quarter of 2005 and what have we achieved so far? I hate to think. In fact, I don't even know what I achieved this weekend; certainly, not the story I'm supposed to finish by Tuesday. And since I'm not even supposed to be blogging, I'm just going to let All Music Guide do the talking about My Morning Jacket, a band that's so underrated I'm surprised iTunes has them:
My Morning Jacket is a four-piece band from Louisville, KY, built solidly around the vocal and songwriting talent of group leader Jim James. Their sound is lonesome, haunting, almost classic country at times, and that voice -- Jim James' voice shares the same section of that old country highway with the familiar sounds of Neil Young, yet sounds right at home here in the world of independent American pop music, alongside contemporary singers like the Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne and Galaxie 500's Dean Wareham. Like Galaxie 500, My Morning Jacket weaves songs and sounds together perfectly -- underneath the big open sky filled with bright stars of course -- never allowing the heavy reverb (and the reverb is definitely heavy) to subtract anything from the visual lyrics, or from the simple beauty of the songs themselves. Along with singer Jim James, My Morning Jacket was founded with his cousin Johnny Quaid (guitar), Two-Tone Tommy (bass), and J. Glenn (drums).
Critics are praising Martin Scorsese's 3.5-hour documentary on Bob Dylan, No Direction Home, to high heavens. According to the Washington Post: "Scorsese illuminates just how evolutionary and revolutionary Dylan's art was, putting it into musical and historical context without becoming overbearing. He brilliantly charts Dylan's restless mutation from Woody Guthrie acolyte to folk icon, from poetic singer-songwriter to raucous rocker."

Rock Star Quote of the Day: "I've got to go pretty soon, I've got 20 more calls to make tonight." Beach Boys co-founder Brian Wilson on the phone to a reporter, referring to his vow to personally phone people donating at least US$100 to Hurricane Katrina victims.

In other news, in case you haven't noticed, I redesigned my blog. Got tired of the blue theme, and thought I'd make a different header graphic as well. Those guys above are pretty much the musicians I respect the most, and they are:
I know the new design makes my blog look darker (not to mention that there are pictures of three dead people up there), but I kind of like it this way. Let me know if it's too much; suggestions on how to improve it are most welcome.

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