24 September 2005

song for a lost weekend

breakdown : tom petty & the heartbreakers
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I could have posted the song Lost Weekend by Lloyd Cole but this has a bit more meaning to me. You know those songs that just get you going like the Energizer bunny? Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' Greatest Hits album had that effect on me during an all-nighter at work a long time ago. Finished a six-page article with that CD on repeat in the background. Free Fallin', Learning to Fly, American Girl -- great songs to pump musical adrenalin into your system. Now I'll be working this weekend -- all weekend and well into Monday -- hoping to beat a Tuesday deadline that will make my work load for the whole of next month a heck of a lot easier. I hope I don't break down. So I'm listening to the same album hoping it will have the same effect. Then again, the fact that I'm blogging and not working doesn't exactly herald a good start.

Just got an e-mail from Apple announcing that they've raised the capacity of their .Mac web hosting service by 100 percent. Hurrah, 2GB of storage for me...and about time too! I pay Apple 100 bucks a year for hosting the songs I post here as well as my online photo albums. Sure, it comes with loads of free stuff and the hyper efficient integration with iPhoto, but if Google's e-mail service can give that much capacity for free, a Ben Franklin seems a bit too much.

So are they or are they not? Shirley Manson of Garbage was quoted by an Australian newspaper as saying there's a possibility that the band would call it quits after their current tour. Then she backtracks and says no one in the band is interested in breaking up. Whatever. I've only heard snippets of the songs from their new album, Bleed Like Me, which they're calling their strongest output after years of creative drought, and I doubt that the rains have returned. Oh well. They only still catch my attention because their debut album reminds me of good times with friends, oh, about 10 years ago?

Rock Star Quote of the Day: "People think I'm a freak or something, but I'm actually a really normal guy." Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo to MTV, on how he found peace through meditation. With albums like Make Believe, I think calling himself normal is an insult to all the normal people out there.

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