08 September 2005

three cheers for blandness

never know : jack johnson
click on the image below to listen.

i could be posting a ramones song. i could be posting a pixies song. heck, i could even be posting about weezer and how i hate these illiterate bastards. instead, here i am nodding my head and tapping my toes while listening to a jack johnson song. what are the chances of your picking up the latest copy of outside magazine, only to find jack johnson on the cover, and have a jack johnson song play randomly in your ipod at the exact moment? i swore off this guy after tiring of the novelty of his first two albums, bushfire fairytales and on & on. i used to like him, because he came at a time when the pop airwaves were being bombarded by the eminems, beyoncés and timberlakes of the world. he was a fresh break, with a fresh-from-the-surf sound. and then i got bored. he repeats the same formula in his latest album, in between dreams. i regretted buying it, but today's odd coincidence made me think otherwise, at least thanks to this song. it's a very catchy tune, with a simple, trippy beat and a sicky sweet vocal trick in the chorus, all the while trying to be philosophical. (we're just moments, we're clever but we're clueless, we're just human, amusing and confusing...) mmkay. anyway, read his profile in the magazine's website. he does sound like a good guy.

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