07 September 2005

a song for new orleans

build : the housemartins

i was torn between this song and caravan of love, also covered by the housemartins, but the positivity of the sound of this song won out despite some of its words not being entirely appropriate. just pretend that the first stanza refers to hurricane katrina. obviously, i'm as surprised as anyone else that a disaster of this magnitude could happen in the united states. probably, i'm also as tired as everyone else of the blamestorming that's characterized this disaster since day one, which lent new meaning to new orleans' monicker as the city that care forgot. enough. it's unconstructive. time to think of rebuilding morale, livelihood, and the city itself. 

on a more (way more) narrowminded note, i'm saddened by the fact that new orleans has changed -- as it no doubt will -- even before i could see it the way it is romanticized in my mind. it's one of my top five u.s. cities to visit, and i've already crossed out three of them. but who knows, perhaps, in spite of the tragedy and the scar that the tragedy leaves behind, the city will retain its old soul, its old heart, its old sound. perhaps a new character will emerge. a new inspiration. a new style of music. perhaps.

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