10 September 2005

the ipod nano

i wish that was my hand holding the latest ipod incarnation. i can't believe how small they've shrunk the thing; it looks even more fragile than a frozen bar of lindt chocolate. it sure won't feel right anymore if i kept it in my back pocket, like i always do with my 0.75-inch ipod photo. sit. snap! oops. i can already envision the snazzy hard, metal enclosures for this. i think i'll go for a chrome case that snaps shut, you know, like one of those metal name card holders, with windows of course for the screen and scroll wheel. smart move moving the position of the headphone jack. it's now at the bottom, and apart from the option of using traditional earphones, you can buy something like this so you can wear it around your neck, like you would the ipod shuffle. so now that the mini is gone, i wonder how soon before steve and jonathan are able to shrink the larger model, while bringing its capacity to 100 gigs. my 60 gigs are already full. a year, perhaps? two? never?

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